High Voltage Transmission Line 

Environmental Monitoring and Permitting for Valard Construction LP. 2014-Ongoing 

Valard Construction LP is constructing the most recent mega-project in Eastern Canada—approximately 1300 km of overhead high voltage line. The initiative is being constructed as two projects. The first is the HVAC line that runs between the Churchill and Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric projects. The second is the HVDC line that runs from Muskrat Falls, through Labrador, under the Straight of Belle Isle, across Newfoundland, and terminates near St. John’s.


Since 2014, McCallum Environmental Ltd. has been completing environmental monitoring and regulatory permitting during construction of the lines. This includes:

  • ensuring compliance with regulatory and client reporting requirements
  • spill management and cleanup
  • waste tracking
  • erosion and sediment control
  • maintaining environmental controls
  • ensuring successful implementation of the Environmental Protection Plan and Environmental Management Systems
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