Evaluation of Wetland Restoration Potential

Armco Capital Inc. and Ramar Developments 2013

Together, McCallum Environmental Ltd. and Boreal Environmental Ltd completed Nova Scotia’s first Evaluation of Wetland Restoration Potential (EWRP) project. The study focused on the Sackville River Secondary Watershed, a suburban/urban watershed in Halifax Regional Municipality. The goal of the study was to identify opportunities for cost effective, practical, and ecologically significant wetland restoration in the area.


We developed and employed a GIS tool called the Potential Wetland Layer (PWL) to help identify potential wetland habitat. Then we used the PWL to evaluate development activities within the watershed. This made it possible to determine opportunities where development like agriculture, industrial development, forestry activities, roads, and buildings had degraded wetlands. Next, we developed and used an evaluation checklist to analyze each site—qualitatively and quantitatively—to determine the significance of the wetland restoration potential to support an improvement in water quality, water quantity, and wildlife habitat within the watershed.


The EWRP identified 37 opportunities for wetland restoration, enhancement, and overall watershed health improvements inside the Sackville River Secondary Watershed. Since that initial project was completed, McCallum Environmental Ltd. has completed one additional EWRP project in the Musquodoboit River Watershed, and is currently working on a third EWRP project for Nova Scotia Environment in the Avon River and Cornwallis River Watersheds.  Over 800 hectares of potential wetland restoration was identified within the Musquodoboit River Watershed.


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