Touquoy Gold Mine

Atlantic Gold Corporation 2015-Ongoing

Atlantic Gold Corporation has hired McCallum Environmental Ltd. to complete field evaluation and reporting needed for surface water permitting and support for species at risk permit requirements. This permitting is required for the development of the Touquoy Gold Mine. A wetland and watercourse alteration application was submitted and approved in 2016 for 32 wetlands and three watercourses. Several additional watercourse alteration applications and fish rescue strategies have been developed to support mine dewatering efforts with construction commencing in summer 2016 and expecting to continue through spring and summer 2017.


Beginning in 2015, McCallum Environmental Ltd. completed:

  • wetland delineation and evaluation
  • regulatory consultation (provincial and federal)
  • watercourse identification
  • species at risk evaluations
  • determination of fish habitat quality
  • presence and absence of fish
  • planning for wetland compensation

We are also working with Atlantic Gold and Nova Scotia Environment to support mine development by coordinating wetland compensation options and priorities.

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