See the big picture

Whether you need a complete environmental assessment, or just the components of an environmental assessment that are required for your regulatory permitting, we can help. We look at the big picture, and understand how our services fit your project execution.

Environmental Assessments

Our experienced, national team of biologists and environmental specialists will help you get project approvals by completing required studies, reporting to your specific requirements, and permit applications.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of the environment you’re working in—including all associated timelines, costs, and risks.

Meet your deadlines

We know that completing your environmental assessment within a specific window of time is a critical factor in planning your project.

Once we visit your site and develop a clear understanding of the size and scope of your project, we’ll help with the planning and keep your environmental obligations on track.

Our environmental assessment services

We offer:

  • Adaptive mangement programs
  • bat assessments
  • breeding bird surveys
  • caribou protection plans
  • constraints analysis
  • construction monitoring
  • environmental effects monitoring
  • environmental protection plans
  • Evaluation of Wetland Restoration Potential (EWRP)
  • fisheries assessments (electrofishing) and fish habitat assessments
  • general and species specific wildlife surveys
  • GIS and mapping
  • post construction reclamation
  • species at risk surveys for both flora and fauna
  • spring and fall bird migration studies
  • watercourse surveys
  • vegetation surveys
  • water quality monitoring
  • watercourse alteration applications
  • watershed assessments and planning
  • wetland delineation
  • wetland alteration applications
  • wetland restoration

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