Build bridges

Robert McCallum, president of McCallum Environmental Ltd., built relationships with Canada’s First Nation communities while working as an environmental regulator with the Department of Indian & Northern Affairs. Since 2001 he has helped clients navigate the first nation business culture. Make no mistake, it’s different, and having that understanding is the difference between success and failure.

First Nations Consultation

Now, Robert supports our national team of experts as they:

  • work to ensure that our clients’ projects meet all necessary requirements
  • consider the concerns and recommendations of First Nations

Past experience

We’ve helped clients consult with First Nation communities all across Canada. These efforts include:

  • helping Nova Scotia clients complete the First Nation consultation required for their projects
  • consulting with 14 different communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan on behalf of our oil and gas clients
  • assisting with the development of a wind power project by consulting with the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat (AAS), and New Brunswick and Quebec First Nations

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