Wetland Compensation / Restoration

Wetland restoration is the conversion of degraded wetland back to its original function and characteristics.

If you have been requested to compensate for wetland impacts from your Project, The McCallum Environmental Wetland Restoration Team can support you through your process.

We identify wetlands that have been subject to historical degradation, and collaborate with regulators, landowners and our clients (who are required to compensate for wetland loss), to implement valuable wetland restoration projects.

The McCallum Environmental Wetland Restoration Team manages the Wetland Restoration Project including landowner agreements, design and determination of restoration functional objectives, permitting requirements and monitoring of the restoration project to ensure its success.

Recent Wetland Compensation / Restoration Projects

Otter Brook Restoration, Nova Scotia | McCallum Environmental Ltd.

Otter Brook, Nova Scotia

The objectives of this Project are to restore a degraded wetland (which has been historically used for agricultural purposes), back to shallow marsh wetland, interspersed

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